5 Reasons Your Website Should Run on WordPress

First of all, isn't WordPress just a blogging software?  No.  Initially it was known for that, however WordPress has grown up and is feature-rich, stable, and secure.  In fact, Fortune 500 companies run their websites on WordPress.  There are many reasons why you should run your website on WordPress, but here are 5 good reasons:

Reason Number 1 Your Website Should Run on WordPress:

WordPress will save you money!

WordPress is a free software!  

There are thousands of free templates available for it. You won't pay a dime for the WordPress and there is no expensive design software to buy. 


Reason Number 2 to Your Website Should Run on WordPress:


WordPress is Easy and Free to Update!

If you have a static HTML or Flash site, every update will require support from the web designer.  In contrast, WordPress allows you to login to an administrator's area (called the "backend") and update the website without having to know html code.  It's easy.  The best thing about it is that if you have a WordPress website you won't have to pay a web designer every time you need to update a page. WordPress does not require knowledge of html nor website development softwares such as DreamWeaver.


Reason Number 3 Your Website Should Run on WordPress:

WordPress is versatile with thousands of plugins.

Plugins are snippets of code that add functionality to the site.  Do you need an eCommerce store?  There's a plugin for that.  Do you need add social media functionality such as Facebook "like" button, Stumble Upon, Digg, Twitter?  There's a WordPress plugin for that.  Developers have taken the time to write code to enable thousands of features on a site and they make it available to others like you.  Most plugins are free and the ones that charge are inexpensive.  Adding a plugin to the WordPress website is easy.  Login to the backend, search for plugin, click "install" and then activate it.  There's no coding involved because other great WordPress coders have made it easy for you!


Reason Number 4 Your Website Should Run on WordPress:

You Can Update it From Anywhere!

Since WordPress is not tied to a development software, you'll be able to update it from your work computer, home computer, or the hotel computer when travelling.  That's the beauty of having it accessible online.  If you need to add fresh content, it doesn't matter where you're at, as long as you have access to a computer, you can update your website. 

Reason Number 5 Your Website Should Run on WordPress:

You Can Change Your Website Appearance at the push of a button.

WordPress manages the visual appearance of your website separately from the content of your website.  It uses "themes" to determine the physical layout, coloring, and styling of the website.  It uses a database to store all the content.  The power of that architecture is that a new theme can be activated at the push of a button and the whole site takes on a new personality.  All the content remains the same but the appearance of the page is transformed.  This makes it easy to refresh a website without having to re-write the content. 

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