Do I need a Logo?


Did you know that the Coca-Cola brand value has topped $58billion? 

Your logo is your "brand" in a nutshell.  It's what customers associate with your business.

When considering a logo there are different factors involved.  A logo transcends your website and can be used in business cards, letterheads, videos, etc.  On the contrary, a banner on your website simply incorporates your logo and theme, while anchoring the presentation.  Typically your web design will include a customer banner, but not a logo design. 

Things to think about when considering a logo:

1) Is this for a new company?  Or a re-branding of an existing company?  (If you have a history with customers and a successful brand, then a new logo should only be considered if re-branding the company).

2)It doesn't have to be complicated. Take a look at these logos, many of them are simple:


3) It's a good investment to have a custom logo designed for you company. This will create instant recognition among your existing customers and create a mental picture for potential customers.


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