WordPress Coach


What is a WordPress Coach?

A WordPress Coach is a WordPress Expert that guides your through your WordPress website development.  Your WPC (WordPress Coach) must be knowledgeable in the following areas: HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, WP, and image editting.  That's what we bring to the table.  We provide the expertise to help you make the right decisions when setting up your site (such as selecting a good host), selecting plugins, or targetting SEO.  Read here on some of those criteria.

Why should I have a WordPress Coach?

Many small-business owners use WP (WordPress) because of its flexibility, ease of use, and it's free!  However, many times there are just some things in WordPress that are needed but require some coding.  Othertimes, in the attempt to update a WP, the user can break the site.  Ooops.  No problem, we can give a hand in getting the site up quickly.

Whether it's an installation, a configuration, or a tweak, we'll be there to give you a hand.  The most valuable thing we provide is that we become your safety net.

WordPress Safety Net

Feel secure that you won't break your site and have it down for days.  We can coach you in your WordPress development, provide best-known-methods, and suggest the best plugins to use.  It's like having a close friend, looking over your shoulder as you code.  We've got your back.  Don't worry about getting in too deep and not being able to recover.  Here are some of the things we can coach you through:

  • WordPress Installation
  • Theme Installation (If you are looking for some awesome themes but don't want to spend too much, check out ElegantThemes.)
  • Theme Modification (header, colors, styles, layout).  We can help you tweak your ElegantTheme.
  • Problems with WP (comments, links, menus, etc).

Invest In Yourself

The best thing about a WP Coach is that you're investing in yourself.  The next time that things need to be done on your WP site, you'll have the knowledge and won't need to pay anyone.  It's all about enabling you to develop your site.

The Process:

Let's talk by phone.   We'll assess exactly what you're trying to achieve with your site.

Then we can work through Skype, TeamViewer, or your other favorite desktop sharing software.

If you are looking for some awesome themes but don't want to spend too much, check outElegantThemes.

Contact us to get started!